The virus epidemic continues to escalate as mass lockdowns trigger anxiety in China’s Harbin City



The situation is serious in Harbin City, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province in the northeast of China, which is one of China’s hardest hit areas by the CCP virus pandemic. Local citizens believe that the government is covering up the true situation of the pandemic in the city as “low-risk areas” have been subject to drastic shutdown measures, private businesses in the region have closed down, and food prices have skyrocketed.

Another contaminated COVID-19 case was confirmed in the Hulan district of Harbin on Feb. 3, according to Chinese authorities. At least 88 people were in close contact with the patient, and 88 individuals were in close contact with at least 542 individuals. All these individuals have been “isolated and regulated.”

There are currently 11 regions designated as “high-risk” for the proliferation of COVID-19, including seven in Heilongjiang and four in Harbin.


Mass Lockdowns

A number of residents in Harbin told The Epoch Times on Feb. 4 that the local epidemic situation was much more extreme than reported by the authorities. For more than half a month, many cities have been under lockout, and residents can not exit their apartment buildings.

Mr. Gao (alias), a resident of Building 3 in the Yutian Neighborhood of Changyuxinggangwan, Limin Street of the Limin Development Zone, said there were two Zhengda Foods employees residing in the same building. Their house was sealed about Jan. 20 after they were reported to be diagnosed with COVID-19, and no one has since been permitted to leave the building. A lot of people have said that they can’t stand loneliness much longer.

Mr. Gao reported that in many societies around them, there were people infected, most of whom contracted the disease through the food company Zhengda. A few days ago, more than 80 positive cases were discovered in Zhengda, which the government did not report, Gao said. Many individuals in the Limin Development Zone no longer dare to open their enterprises. Now, he added, if people are found walking on the lane, they are immediately arrested and placed in isolation sites.


Mr. Yu, a resident of Harbin, told The Epoch Times that Harbin’s epidemic situation is very serious. Since Jan. 19, the area he lives in has been under lockdown, despite being a low-risk area. There’s nothing the government says or reports, and he’s been shut in without realizing the epidemic crisis and what’s going on. The [government] order came from above, so they made a mess, trapping everyone inside their houses. Only one person can go out every two days in each household, and they have to be back in two hours.’


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