Over 15000 Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted by Chinese Regime in 2020



The maltreatment of movement practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has continuing amid the worldwide pandemic.

Falun Gong, additionally called Falun Dafa, could be a non secular follow composed of contemplative exercises and teachings supported the principles of honestness, compassion, and tolerance. The follow grew to seventy million to one hundred million adherents by 1999, in keeping with China’s official estimates at the time.

The communist regime, fearing that the growing movement would threaten its rule, launched a scientific elimination campaign against adherents of the follow in Gregorian calendar month 1999.

Millions of movement practitioners have since been detained, with many thousands tortured throughout confinement, in keeping with the Falun Dafa info Center. the middle additionally calculable that thousands have died as a results of maltreatment.

The blatant violations of spiritual freedom and human rights still in this day and age.

On Jan. 12, Minghui.org, a U.S.-based web site that tracks the maltreatment of movement in China, printed the most recent statistics supported its investigations.

According to the report, at least 6,659 practitioners across China were in remission and detained in 2020. a minimum of eighty eight died as a results of the maltreatment.

The report additionally states that 622 practitioners were sentenced for his or her religion, 537 were forced to attend political “education” categories, and 3,588 had their homes searched by authorities.

More than eight,000 others received some kind of harassment by police, like officers visiting their homes, confiscating movement books and materials, or observation their activities.

In 2020, multiple provinces and cities announce awards of up to one hundred,000 yuan (US$15,460.25) for voters WHO report movement adherents’ activities to the police, The Epoch Times antecedently reported .

Of those persecuted, 1,188 were seniors over the age of sixty five, together with seventeen over the age of ninety.

In addition to physical and mental abuse, the communist regime has additionally taken over assets from movement practitioners. In 2020, the state taken over a complete of nine,849,097.56 yuan (about $1.5 million), in keeping with Minghui.org’s records. Most of the funds were taken over throughout police confiscations or fines issued by courts.


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