Hong Kong Man Dies Two Days After Receiving Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccine



On 2 March, the Hong Kong government reported an elderly man’s death two days after receiving a vaccine made from China called COVID-19. The health authorities continue to investigate the cause of death to determine whether it is related to the vaccine.

The government of Hong Kong has been initiating vaccination against COVID-19 in the city since 26 February for priority and risk groups, including people over 60 years of age.

Local media in Hong Kong Apple Daily reported that on Feb 26, China’s Sinovac Biotechnology Co., Ltd., had inoculated the 63-year-old man with diabetes with the COVID-19 vaccine. He became acutely breathable and died on February 28.

According to media reports, Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine has an efficacy of 50.6 percent. A number of suspected side effects, including death, of the vaccine have been reported worldwide.

Health officials in Hong Kong issued a statement saying that the death of a man remains under investigation: “Causal relationship with vaccination cannot be determined at the moment.”


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