Hong Kong Epoch Times Host Threatened by Chinese Police After Exposing Organ Harvesting

Hong Kong Epoch Times Host Threatened by Chinese Police After Exposing Organ Harvesting
Epoch Times host Rachel Wong (L) on a Cantonese-language talk show “Shi Shan’s Outlook” on March 12, 2021.

A current undertakings have at the Hong Kong authority of The Epoch Times was as of late compromised by police in territory China who sent her the message: quit broadcasting projects, or face capture under the new public safety law.

Rachel Wong, host of the Hong Kong department of the Chinese-language Epoch Times’ Cantonese-language television shows “Shi Shan’s Outlook” and “What’s going on,” said she accepted she was focused by the Chinese system for uncovering its wrongdoing of constrained organ gathering in a new program.

Wong, who has every day shows on YouTube covering points identified with the Chinese system, announced proof of constrained organ collecting from detainees of soul in China on a program on March 12. After four days, a family companion situated in terrain China was reached by neighborhood specialists.

In a selective meeting with The Epoch Times’ subsidiary NTDTV, Wong said she got a message from a relative on March 16, revealing to her a family companion was brought in for a cross-examination by open security officials in her old neighborhood in territory China.

The police undermined the companion to tell Wong “not to do [Epoch Times] programs any longer” under the current political environment.

They additionally said, “if the National Security Law is utilized against them [media staff] and targets them later on, if her folks don’t have a girl, it would be exceptionally miserable, right?” as indicated by Wong.

A year ago, the Chinese Communist Party forced a draconian public safety law on Hong Kong, which rebuffs what Beijing considers as withdrawal, disruption, illegal intimidation, and intrigue with unfamiliar powers with a greatest punishment of life detainment. Since producing results last July, the CCP has utilized the law used to definitely reduce opportunities in the city, capturing and charging many favorable to majority rule government figures for supposed infringement of the enactment.

Many dread the public safety law will additionally limit press opportunity in the city. With a lot of Hong Kong’s media embracing supportive of Beijing positions, The Epoch Times is one of only a handful few neighborhood news sources that covers the CCP’s maltreatments in China, Hong Kong and abroad.

Organ Harvesting

Wong speculates the new badgering is the consequence of a program she facilitated fourteen days prior, uncovering the CCP’s act of killing detained Falun Gong professionals for their organs.

“It is the most inside and out scene uncovering the CCP[‘s crimes] since I have started working in the media,” she said.

During the program, Wong played two sound chronicles, including an account of declaration from a cop who was on the job at the location of an organ collecting activity in Liaoning Province.

The other is of previous Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai, conceding that previous CCP pioneer Jiang Zemin had given orders to execute Falun Gong disciples and sell their organs for benefit.

The last oral proof was recorded from a call to Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg, where Bo remained during a visit to Hamburg, Germany, going with then-Premier Wen Jiabao in September 2006.

Records were distributed online by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, a U.S.- based backing bunch, in 2016.

In 2019, a free group’s council found, after a yearlong examination, that the CCP was gathering the organs of detainees of heart—fundamentally Falun Gong experts—on a “huge scope.” Practitioners of Falun Gong, a profound practice, have been ruthlessly mistreated by the Chinese system for over twenty years. A large number of disciples have been detained, and many thousands have been tormented, as indicated by the Falun Dafa Information Center.

This is the third time Wong has gotten a compromising message from Chinese public security authorities.

Notwithstanding, the host focused on that she would not be cowed.

“[The CCP] fears the most with regards to its embarrassments, like slaughter, mass eradication, and live organ gathering,” Wong said. “In the event that you shroud it away, or on the off chance that you shut the voice down or make a stride back, it’s in reality more hazardous.”

Wong had a directive for the CCP: “Any danger or any activity they make to me later on, I will disclose it. I do live shows each day, and I can say it consistently.”


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