French COVID-19 Patient Numbers Rise Again, Adding to Pressure for New Lockdown

Medical worker wearing protective gear works in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where people suffering from CCP virus disease (COVID-19) are treated at Cambrai hospital, France, on March 25, 2021.

PARIS—The quantity of patients with Covid in French serious consideration units rose on Saturday to another high during the current year, expanding the strain to force new limitations that President Emmanuel Macron says will most likely be required.

France had 4,791 ICU patients being treated for COVID-19, up from 4,766 on Friday, wellbeing service information appeared.

The numbers are moving toward a pinnacle recorded in mid-November during the second rush of the infection, albeit the previous spring, when France forced its first lockdown, saw a pinnacle of more than 7,000.

Specialists say serious consideration units in the most noticeably terrible hit districts could get overpowered.

The public authority’s obligation to keeping schools open has been raised doubt about because of rising case numbers among understudies and resistance from instructors, who are taking steps to leave.

Spain said on Saturday it would require individuals showing up via land from France to show a negative Covid test result.

Macron this week guarded his choice not to force a third full lockdown, yet said further limitations would presumably be required.

Three extra areas, including the Rhone office around Lyon, on Saturday joined different locales remembering Paris for shutting down superfluous stores and limiting travel. Police were out in Paris, Nice, and different urban areas implementing the standards.

The public authority is additionally attempting to accelerate a faltering inoculation crusade.

France hopes to get 3 million portions of immunizations this week, ascending to 4 million every week in a month’s time, junior industry serve Agnes Pannier-Runacher disclosed to Europe 1 radio.

As of Saturday, more than 7.7 million individuals had gotten a first portion of antibody, the wellbeing service said.

France’s true COVID-19 loss of life is at right around 95,000.


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