China is conducting an all-out propaganda drive as Xi Jinping says poverty is over



That this CCP is launching a fight against poverty by persuading its officials to watch the most patriotic TV shows.

Media outlets in China have recently been ordered to produce new materials praising the Chinese Communist Party.

Local activities on this occasion is significant for celebration and commemoration.

There will be party meetings organised by party committees and even pro-party activities planned for mass audiences.

“They will stay here for some time.”

Earlier this month, the authorities directed all party organs and state-owned enterprises to jointly arrange screenings of “Crossing the Yalu River” and report back by the 18th.

In Beijing independent thinker Ji Feng said, the news was hardly shocking.

“Of course they will be preparing projects like this,” Ji said. “We’ve seen this problem too many times before from this crowd.”

People felt easier not to stand out.

Many people these days are hesitant to speak out. Unless they have to, they stay quiet. If they don’t want to be part of the system, they want to keep a low profile.

The Yalu River Series is meant to bolster the feeling of patriotic loyalty in China.

This is not meant for the foreign audience, not the U.S., said he. “There is no relationship more critical than the relationship with North Korea.”
For the initiative, the party invites its members to review party history.

They will also be taught educational literature that disseminates party line to deepen and sharpen their political knowledge. These workshops are compulsory.

This is cause for considerable concern: “the public is not going to be asked to do this type of thing.”

According to numerous analysts, Xi Jinping’s personality cult is taking root and state-owned media is using it to best advantage.

Xi Jinping commemorated and celebrated the achievement of eradicating poverty on February 25.

It is said that the CCP’s leadership and the socialism of China are the basic means for avoiding threats, problems and troubles.

He hailed the initiative as an outstanding example to those in the world.

The People’s Daily commentary by the Communist Party of China (CPC) congratulated all state leaders on the success of their anti-poverty campaigns.

I admit that this is right that the government is showing interest in poverty-stricken areas, but it’s true that the result of this is decided by its own parameter values.

China describes poverty as 4,000 yuan or around $630 per person per year, despite the World Bank’s global norm of $1.90 per person per day.

This is also an independent investment scheme that does not rely on global financial metrics. It is also extremely versatile and ambiguous. The existing high expectations are not easily attainable and will be difficult to retain in the next few years.


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