Can North Korean ‘Blazingly Quick’ MiG-23 Outgun F-16 Fighter Jet Of South Korea In An Aerial Battle?


How does North Korean, Russian-origin MiG-23 jet compete towards US-origin F-16 fighter jets operated by South Korea within the occasion of a warfare or an aerial skirmish? 

China Places J-11B Aka SU-27 Fighter Jet Into Batch Manufacturing At Shenyang Facility

North and South Korea had signed the Pyongyang Joint Declaration greater than two years in the past to be able to defuse navy tensions, however the diplomatic impasse is much from over.

Whereas Seoul continues to boost its navy with trendy fighters just like the US-made Lockheed F-35, Pyongyang has focussed on the modernization of its older fight plane.

Presently, North Korea’s plane stock is principally comprised of fighters acquired from Russia and China, together with 56 MiG-23s, 150 MiG-21s, 20 Su-7s, and 35 MiG-29s.

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North Korean MiG-23 Flogger

Whereas the MiG-29 fighters embrace the initial-production A variant, the twin-seater coaching UB variant, and the marginally upgraded SE variant, the MiG-21 fighters in service with the North Korean navy embrace each those manufactured in China in addition to Russia.

Curiously, the North Korean air drive is the one navy on the planet that also operates the MiG-17 and MiG-19 variants (Chinese language license-built J-5s and the “disposable” J-6s) — each Soviet-era plane initially constructed within the Nineteen Fifties.

Alternatively, the South Korean Air Power presently advantages from its relationship with america and has acquired trendy fight jets like F-35. On the identical time, it’s specializing in indigenization to be able to scale back reliance on international nations.

Based on knowledge launched by the Army Manufacturing facility, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) Air Power consists of round 344 fight plane together with Basic Dynamics’ F-16C/D Combating Falcons, Boeing F-15 Strike Eagles, F-4 Phantom IIs, F-5E Tiger IIs, and the superior F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

Whereas each the South Korean F-16 and the North Korean MiG-23 fighters are outstanding for the skills they create to the respective air forces, the actual fact is that the Russian-made fighter is a technology decrease than its American single-engine counterpart.

The F-16 Combating Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter developed by Basic Dynamics for the US Air Power (USAF) and was primarily designed as an air superiority day fighter.

Nonetheless, with time, it developed right into a profitable all-weather multirole plane and has been utilized by many countries the world over.

Alternatively, the MiG-23 Flogger is a Soviet-era variable-geometry fighter designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau. It was the primary fighter within the Soviet Union to discipline a look-down or shoot-down radar, and one of many first to be geared up with beyond-visual-range missiles.

In the case of velocity, the North Korean Flogger trumps the South Korean F-16 with a most velocity of Mach 2.35 or 2500km/h as in comparison with the F-16’s most velocity of Mach 2.05 or 2,175km/h.

Nonetheless, the F-16 boasts a better preliminary climb fee than the MiG-23 — 62,000 ft per minute in comparison with 47,250ft/minute.

By way of armament, the MiG-23 Flogger has one twin barrel 23mm GSh-23 cannon and 5 exterior hard-points (one centreline, two underneath the fuselage, and two underwings) which might carry a max exterior load of 2000kg (4,410lb).

The fighters have a typical air-to-air configuration of two R-60 (AA-8 ‘Aphid’) and two R-23 (AA-7 ‘Apex’) air-to-air missiles (AAMs).

Alternatively, the fourth-generation F-16s will be armed with a spread of AAMs, which embrace AIM-9 Sidewinder, Magic II, and ASRAAM short-range AAMs, AIM-7, Sky Flash, and AIM-120 medium-range AAMs.

The F-16 can be geared up with excessive off-bore-sight, infrared AAMs, reminiscent of AIM-9X, Python IV, AIM-132 ASRAAM, and IRIS-T. There may be additionally a risk to combine AGM-119/AGM-84/AGM-65G anti-ship missiles and AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground tactical missile to the fighter jet.

As well as, the F-16 Viper variant can combine superior capabilities as a part of an improve bundle to extend its interoperation with fifth-generation fighters just like the stealthy pair of F-35s and the F-22 Raptors.

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