A suicide bomber in Pakistan targets Chinese workers, killing two children

A suicide bomber in Pakistan targets Chinese workers, killing two children
A loaded truck travels through a newly built tunnel in northern Pakistan’s Gojal Valley, on Sept. 29, 2015.(Aamir Qureshi/AFP via Getty Images)

According to the interior ministry and police, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a vehicle carrying Chinese workers in restive southwestern Pakistan on Aug. 20, killing two Pakistani children playing by the roadside.

The attack in Baluchistan province injured a Chinese and two other Pakistanis. The separatist Baluch Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the bombing in the port town of Gwadar hours after it occurred.

According to the police, the Chinese workers were traveling in three vehicles and were being escorted by security personnel. When officers tried to stop him, the attacker detonated his device.

The district is a key district in southwest Pakistan where Chinese workers are working on projects related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The projects have cost billions of dollars, ranging from road construction to power plants to agricultural development.

In recent years, the Chinese regime has played an important role in the development of Gwadar, a deep-water port in the Arabian Sea. However, there have been some attacks on Pakistanis and Chinese workers on economic corridor projects.

A bus carrying Pakistani and Chinese workers crashed into a ravine in northwestern Pakistan last month after a suicide bomber targeted the vehicle. In that attack in the bordering Afghan province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, nine Chinese and four Pakistanis were killed.


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