21-Year-Old tortured post about the daughter of the Chinese leader



His mother told The Epoch Times that a 21-year-old man has been sentenced to 14 years in Chinese jail for allegations of posting his personal details on Xi Jinping’s close family.

“After seeing him, the lawyer told me that he saw cigarette burning on his arm. He can’t move his right hand and must eat his left hand,” said Niu Tengyu’s mother, Esu Wiki’s jailed administrator of a wiki-based forum, in an interview. “Some unknown substances that caused pus were injected into his feet. It was so painful that at night he could not sleep.”

Niu’s alleged crime stemmed from the May 2019 posts that showed photographs, identification and the passport photo of Xi’s Harvard-educated daughter Xi Mingze, together with his lawyer-in-law Deng Jiagui’s details. The forum has since been shut down by parodies of celebrities and nationalists.

Niu, a self-educated coder, was punished most harshly by 24 people arrested in connection with the case. All students are administratively entitled to the forum, including nine under the age of 18.

In December last year, the People’s Court of Maoming Maonan District in China’s southern Guangdong county found him guilty of “snatching quarrels and causing trouble,” an umbrella offence often applied by the Chinese regime to thwart dissent. In addition to the 14 years imprisonment, the court also sentenced him to a fine of 130,000 yuan (approximately $20,010).

The heavy prison term sent Niu’s mother so shocked, she said, that she collapsed to the ground and broke her leg.


She insisted that Niu was not involved in doxxing. The family information trove was first published on two other similar locations in other countries, one of them Zhina Wiki, which was written in an open letter dated 8 February. They said their children were turned into scapegoats because the police were unable to reach the culprits who live outside of the country.

In October 2019, after weeks at the local Maoming No. 1 Detention Center, Niu “disappeared.” Only months later, his mom learned that Niu had been secretly transferred to Foshan Nanhai Detention Centre, where he was given a “MM20” code name. He was locked in a remote village in an isolated room, she said.

“It was like he evaporated suddenly from this world.”

The aim of the police was to obtain a confession from Niu. When he refused to admit that he was guilty, the tactics doubled, forcing him to present themselves, his mother said.

Niu’s mother said that the officers stripped Niu naked, set the temperature at the lowest temperature, and beat him. He was also verbally abused by a police officer named Chen who made video and photographic recordings of the torture sessions.

He was hung up and sprinkled cold water as he collapsed. They also shocked him when he got away with electric batons.

“She said that this child was too ‘hard’ and needed special treatment,” she said.

She said that three prisoners released from the detention centre called her to disclose Niu’s prizes.

“Anybody was choked with sobs he couldn’t talk,” she said. The person in tears described how Niu was “beaten to the point where he had chest pain and he washed away because of breathing difficulties.” He fell unconsciously several times and was sent to the hospital, said the person, adding that Niu “cannot lie on the bed when he sleeps” because of injuries.

In a handwritten note published recently, Niu said that he had to “manufacture and make many non-existent and deliberately composed facts” based on the titles and outlines given by the police. When he failed to finish, he was beaten, deprived of sleep and only had white rice to eat.

Niu said he wrote tens of thousands of words filling several hundred sheets of paper from A4.

“I did not sleep for more than 30 hours between 10 Dec. [2019] and 20 Jan. 2020,” he wrote. He said that these papers have been “forged under the coercion of the case managers,” and therefore his ideas cannot be represented.

Niu’s mother appeals the judgement of the court. Several lawyers have dropped the case under pressure from the authorities. One was summoned by the police after he made a statement claiming that his customer was innocent. The current lawyer in Niu, Bao Longjun, said he was planning to sue the interrogators for the abuse.

Still recovering from fall, she suffers from deteriorating eye and heart problems in Niu’s concern. She said, however, that she could not seek medical treatment with the heavy fine and no revenue source.

She said she would stay mentally strong, despite the challenges, and tell the world what the Chinese police have done.


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